My life

My name is Valentina Ochoa Ruiz

I was born on May 25, 1998 in Ibagué (Minerva Clinic)

My Parents are:Yaneth Ruiz, she is housewife; Jhon Ferney Ochoa Melo and he is farmer

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I have a sister, Gisselle Ochoa Ruiz and she is the youngest

I live in the Dindalito Center path, house 71

My favorite food is lasagna

I practice volleyball

My best friends are Camilo, Juliana and Santiago

I going to study architecture



I want study at the University of Tolima

I have afraid of heights

I have a dog Rottweiler named Greta

Family holidays at home Grandmother

My profile in Facebook

I like to live in London, England

My boyfriend, Niall Horan

My beautiful room

My photo "Ñera"

My classmates

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